Ten Day Notices


New Ten-Day Notices for rule changes are due January 7, 2022 (10-days before the 2022 Winter meeting).

New Ten-day Notices for By-Law changes are due 10-days before the 2023 October meeting.

There is no specifiec formfor a Ten-Day Notice. Just include the following in an email:

Date Submitted
Your District
Your Name
Your email address
The Rule Number You want changed
What You want the rule Changed to
The Reason you want it changed

 and send to: shuffler.records.gam@gmail.com.


 Approved changes will take effect on October 1, 2022.

Click on Notice Number to view or print the current Ten Day Notices.
TDN 7 was split into it's indiviual proposals for separate votes.

Reference No. Subject Matter Board Vote
TDN 1 Tournament of Champions Passed
TDN2 Minimum player age Failed
TDN3 State Sponsored Tournament - Director compensation Passed
TDN4 State Sponsored Tournament - Adjustable prize money Failed
TDN5 Scheduling of Toutanments Failed
TDN6 100 Point Game Option Change Failed
TDN7 C.1.a. Failed
TDN 8 C.2 (See TDN 7) Failed
TDN 9 C.2 (See TDN 7) Withdrawn
TDN 10 C.2.6 (See TDN 7) Failed
TDN 11 C.2.e (See TDN 7) Failed
TDN 12 C.2.c (See TDN 7) Failed
TDN 13 C.20.a (See TDN 7) Passed
TDN 14 C.3.e (See TDN 7) Failed
TDN 15 Art.1.a (See TDN 7) Failed
TDN 16 Art.1.a (See TDN 7) Failed
TDN 17 Art.1.a (See TDN 7) Failed
TDN 18 Art.7.a (See TDN 7) Failed
TDN 19 Art.7.a (See TDN 7) Failed
TDN 20 Art.10.e (See TDN 7) Failed
TDN 21 S.R.11.A (See TDN 7) Failed
TDN 22 S.R.18.a - Walking Singles (See TDN 7) Passed w/ immediate effect
TDN 23 S.R.18.d (See TDN 7) Failed
TDN 24 Art.17.a (See TDN 7) Failed

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