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Updated  Tuesday, January 10, 2023
Chart (8-Player)
(Letter size paper)
Preview Ad (State) (4/27) Tournament Financial Report Instructions
Chart (16-Player)
(Legal size paper)
Preview Coordinator Guidelines for 2022 Tournament Financial Report - State Sponsored Tournaments

Excel Version (11/9/22)
PDF Version (11/9/22)
Open Office Version (11/30/22)
Club Dues Registration/Release Form
Draw Cards Registration/Release Form (National)
Disciplinary Procedures Non-Player Release Form Tournament Results (Excel)
Incident Report Scorecard (6/page)
Scorecard (3/page)
Tournament Results (Open Office)
Lesson Plans for Intermediate Players Tournament Financial Report

Excel Version (10/25/22)

PDF Version (10/25/22)
Open Office Version (10/25/22)
Directions for Manually Run Toutnaments
Preview Ad (District)  

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