Bulletin Board updated  Saturday, November 18, 2017


Masters Information
     A. Location - Hawthorne Shuffleboard Club
     B. Hotel - none selected
     C. Tie Breaking Rule

Hall of Fame
     A. Inductees:
         1. Nancy Sclafani
         2. Dave Kudro
         3. Linda Marshman
         4. Tara Goldman
         5. Glenna Earle
         6. Landy Adkins (President)
     B. Banquet
         1. Location: Island View Lakefront Restaurant, 5223 Sun 'N Lake Blvd.,
             Sebring, FL
         2. Tickets: $35.00
         3. Hotel: Quality Inn, 6525 US Highway 27 North, Sebring,
             phone # 863-385-4500, $99.00/night - keyword - "shuffleboard"
F.S.A. President's comments.
Non-Walking Singles Appeals
Recent Member Deaths
New Immediate Pros and St. Ams:
     A. Pro:
            William H. Jones - Deferred

     B. State Amateur
            Diane Beaulier - Deferred
            Betty Russell - Deferred
            Mary Temoke - Deferred

NOTE: The Immediate Pro and Immediate State Amateur provisions were eliminated effective October 14, 2017.  Those individuals listed above must contact the KOR (Glenn Monroe) to advise on their preferance to keep or forego their IP/IS status.
Commentary on Volunteers  (please post on your local Bulletin Board)
Gouping of Byes on Charts
     A. There will be NO lunches served at Tropical Haven this season.
     B. Preview Ad Submission Guidelines added under FORMS
The Indiana Preview Ad was inadvertantley omitted from the current PREVIEW. It can be viewed HERE.
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