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Hall of Hame Roster
Requirements for Consideration and Induction into
All players shall have the right to know the Hall of Fame procedures and conditions, and have easy access to them.  The Florida Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame consist of three (3) categories: (A) Players; (B) Presidents; and (C) Special Award.

The Hall of Fame Archives
333 Pomegranate St.
Sebring, Florida.
Phone 941 385 2966

(A)   Hall of Fame Players

The requirement for induction as a player is to have amassed a total of at least two hundred (200) points.

2. The name of such qualified player shall be submitted to The Hall of Fame Committee by the Keeper of records upon the conclusion of each of the playing seasons, which is the period from October 1st to September 30th  of the following year.
(B) Hall of Fame Presidents
1. Each President of The FSA., after having served three (3) years, earns this high honor, having given outstanding leadership and devotion to his/her many obligations. The President will receive this honor on his/her last year in office at the Winter  Banquet and/or Meeting.
2. The FSA. may recommend a President be placed in the Hall of Fame  with less than three (3) years as State President of the Association by two-thirds (2/3) vote of the full Board. The President will then enter the Hall of Fame at the Winter  Meeting of his/her last year in office.;
(c) Hall of Fame Special Awards
1. The Special Awards is for those persons who have achieved outstanding records in shuffleboard in the Administration or Promotional fields, and who have contributed significantly to the welfare and advancement of the FSA.
2. Each Executive Board Member and  District President may make one (1) proposal per year for the special award. Said proposal may involve more than one person, provided those persons are closely associated in their accomplishments. Each proposal shall include a record of the nominees accomplishments and forwarded to the Hall of Fame Chairman prior to September 1st each calendar year.
3. If there are two (2) or more proposed candidates for Special Award honors ,each voting member may vote for up to two (2) of the nominees or none at all. A majority of board members presentmust list the names on their ballott for the election. (March 2018)
4. Discussion of any candidate and voting shall be in closed session with only Board members present.  If any member of the Board is a candidate, that person shall be excluded from the session during the discussion but will return for the voting process (per standing Rule No. 11)
5. Results of the secret ballot shall not be numerically announced.  The Committee Chairman shall merely announce the names of those candidates who have been elected (per Standing Rule No. 11).
6. Those Candidates not receiving the necessary votes to be elected shall remain on the eligible list for a maximum of three (3) years.  If not elected in that three-year period, said person's name shall be withdrawn and may be reinstated only upon the request of the District President.
7. In the event of the absence of one or more of the Board members, in voting for special Award a majority of the votes cast will be required to elect.